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From airport to city, station and harbor transfers, be they national or international, choose from our wide range of vehicles, the one suiting your ground transportation need.

   Meet & Greet  

Please, check the meet and greet procedure, as it varies from one airport to another, from one terminal to another. Generally, your driver will take care of this, with some optional extra assistance if need be, in some airports.

   Airport Reps  

In some airports, you may also be availed on demand and at an extra cost, the services of an host who will provide assistance to the discriminating traveler through customs from the plane to the public hall, and vice versa.

   Private Aviation  

Our dedicated “Private Aviation” desk will handle your elite travelers’ need, from landing till take off and will provide first class service, be it for business or leisure.

  Efficiency is our constant concern, so as to make the best of each day. Thanks to their intricate local knowledge, our team of qualified road-show drivers will enable one to optimize one’s valuable time.  
   Long Term Chauffeured Rentals  
  A top executive needs to have a car and chauffeur dedicated to his service on a daily basis. Our dedication to service, as well as our long experience in providing tailored services is the guarantee of your satisfaction…  
   Tailored Tours  
  One of our forte! Who can give you a better insight than a learned local? Our multi-lingual chauffeur-guides will invite you to discover their own culture from within…
   Concierge Desk  
  Our concierge desk is there to assist you with bookings, tickets, special requests, etc. We work at a fee per booking or on a subscription basis. Contact us to find out more.
   Corporate Events  
  Our Event Department will assist you in organizing and coordinating your event, especially if you need help, away from your base. Contact us to list and evaluate your need.  
   Sporting Events  
  You may wish to attend a sporting event or even organize a corporate or private event around a sporting event, such a tennis or gold tournament, an F1 Grand prix, a soccer, basket, rugby, American football game, etc… That’s a great idea! Let’s talk and see how we can help…  
   Cultural Events  
  A great exhibition somewhere in the world, which you would like to combine with a few days of rest and sightseeing, or visit on the side, during a business trip…? Keep us posted… We’ll make it happen for you!  
   Private Events, Weddings & Honeymoons  
  Your children are getting married and you’d like us to coordinate the logistics around the wedding and assist you with some other services around the event…? They’re going on a honeymoon and you want to make sure it is an unforgettable experience…? You wish to take some well deserved vacation and make the best of your trip…?  
  We have many additional services, such as hotel bookings, private aviation, car apartment & villa rentals, yacht rentals & cruises and event organization. Our experienced international team of staff members and chauffeurs is there to meet your requests, be it for you, your family or friends, your professional entourage or your clients.  

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